Creative Arts


Photo by VEK NEAL


What is Little Black Book?
Since the beginning of time, when early man first banged two rocks together to create rhythm, songs have been written about our number one object of desire and adoration: Woman. 

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New needs need new techniques. And the modern artists have found new ways and new means of making their statements… the modern painter cannot express this age, the airplane, the atom bomb, the radio, in the old forms of the Renaissance or of any other past culture.

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Draw big pictures

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Honing in on happiness, dualities, the plight of the artist vs the graphic designer.

Neon photography

Vek has spent his life dedicate to pushing his art in challenging new directions. Each of Vek’s works tells a new and interesting story that creates a direct, emotional appeal to the audience ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit nullam nunc justo sagittis suscipit ultrices.